After their brilliant label debut with „Grow Yes Yes“ in 2017, Professor Wouassa now returns with their brand new third album on Matasuna Records.

The 2LP Gatefold vinyl will be released October 25th 2019. Available on Bandcamp and all major record stores. We appreciate any kind of feedback, support and promotion in radio shows, dj sets & mixtapes! Download the promo package (mp3, press release & artwork) here:

„By downloading the file you confirm that you use the included tracks only for promotional purposes. Copying, resharing, providing for download or selling is strictly prohibited!“

MAC users: if you have problems opening the Windows archive, please use a special software to unpack it.


  1. Wow- what a beautiful album! It shows a rich diversity of arrangements with beatiful horn sections and irresitable hooks; great songwriting with strictly feel-good melodies. Highly recommended!

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