Matasuna Records is delighted to reissue one of their absolute highlights and favourite songs of Nico Gomez And His Afro Percussion Inc. As well as the original version, which was released on a 7inch by Mr. Bongo a few years ago and is completely sold out, they’ve included a rework by the restless and well-known US producer & Dj Bosq. His version, which became a DJ weapon as a digital promo, is now officially licensed on vinyl for the first time. For this release his version was revised once again for the best possible sound quality on an essential 7inch with the newly mastered original song.



  1. Si Señor!!! A classic Latin Funk anthem now released in a great 7′ single by Matasuna Records with an extra bonus revision by the hand of Bosq!!!! Fantastico!!! Muchas Gracias!!!

  2. Michael Rütten

    taking me way back !
    very cool to have it as a file now,
    or even a 7-inch, as my LP is a bit
    overplayed now : )

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