Matasuna Records is delighted to present another highlight with its new release: the first ever official reissue of the 7inch „Viajecito/Too Late“ by Peruvian band Black Sugar. Originally released in 1971, the single is one of the most in demand Latin American 45s. So it isn’t surprising that nowadays 7inches in good condition are extremly rare and only available for several hundred dollars.

The 7inch single will be released January 18th 2019 exclusively on vinyl. Availalbe soon via Bandcamp, all major record stores and online shops. We appreciate any kind of feedback, support and promotion in radio shows, dj sets & mixtapes! Download the promo package (mp3, press release & artwork) here:

„By downloading the file you confirm that you use the included tracks only for promotional purposes. Copying, resharing, providing for download or selling is strictly prohibited!“

copyright © 2019 Matasuna Records, all rights reserved.


  1. Another fantastic release! Both tracks are great- shaking Boogaloo on „Viajecito“ and irresistable Latin Soul on „Too Late“, which reminds me a little bit of Joe Bataan. Full support, as usual! Many thanks.

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