Some shouts:
„Like this a lot! Can’t wait till the vinyl gets released!“ DJ Maestro, V2 (Amsterdam | Netherlands)
„Wooooow, great release! Dope tracks. Love both tunes. Will play it for sure.“ Jayl Funk, Honkey Phonk Records (Nuremberg | Germany)
„This little vinyl will definitely cause a big earthquake on every dance floor, I love it!“ Voodoocuts, Resense rec. (Berlin | Germany)
Modern Afrobeatin‘ boogie with some retrodelic twists. Paul Murphy, Afro Art (London | UK)
„Another nice release on Matasuna! Great work!“ Mr. Bird, BBE Records (Lisbon | Portugal)
„Nice one! Another great release, Well done!“ Palov, Carnibal Records (Athens | Greece)
„Yeah, absolutely great!“ Quiny Jointz, Timewrap Music (Freiburg | Germany)
„Nice tunes man, thanks!“ Stickybuds, Ghetto Funk (Kelowna | Canada)
„Love it! A-side is huge, B-side is brilliant groove, so clean and warm, those horns with the breaks twisted, fuck!“ Dedy Dread, Lisboa Records (Lisbon | Portugal)
„Wow it’s a really really really good project. I will play in my radio show for sure!“ Massimiliano Troiani, Radio M2O (Rome | Italy)
„Great 7inch! Barbara for shure is a Dope Killer Track! Big Up from Frankfurt.“ Holger Menzel, RadioX (Frankfurt | Germany)
„Absolut great release. Full marks for both tracks. Will present in my next show.“ Doc Best, Radio Z (Nuremberg | Germany)
„The next Matasuna release is dope, full support!“ Zamali, Katakana Edits (Belgium)
„Dope tunes. Will drop on my radio show and dance floors.“ Phil Horneman, Wicked Jazz (Amsterdam | Netherlands)
„Love the organ and flute on People’s Republic. Can’t wait for the album“ Tony Heynen, Global Riddims (Brussels | Belgium)
„Thank you for the wonderful music“ Bandura, Resense Records (Basel | Switzerland)
„Nice work as always! Will repost on MonkeyBoxing.“ Stone Monkey. (Bristol | UK)
„Nice one ! Cheers“ Andrea Benini, Mop Mop (Berlin | Germany)
„Good one!“ Mr. Goju, Migrations Radio Show (Podgorica | Montenegro)
„Damn nice! Thank you. I will def put it in my next mix!“ Radio Hobo (Berlin | Germany)
„Excelent music, i wish the best!“ Teza Cappuccino, Katakana Edits (Athens | Greece)