MSR005 Otto de Rojas


Label: Matasuna Records – MSR005
Title: Choca las Caderas
Artists: Otto de Roja y Los Ultra 76
Format: Vinyl, 7“, 45rpm
Genre: Latin, Funk, Disco, Jazz
Releasedate: 25th May 2018
Reviews: here
Choca Las Caderas 03:04

Al Ritmo Del Bump Bump 02:53

Otto de Rojas y Los Ultra 76 – Choca las Caderas (MSR005)

Matasuna Records is delighted to reissue this Peruvian masterpiece by Otto de Rojas – one of the best Piano players from Peru. In 1976 he and his band Los Ultra 76 released this superb single mixing Latin with Funk, Jazz and Disco. Both tracks getting remastered to provide the best possible sound – even better than on the original 45! A 7inch not to be missed.
Choca Las Caderas keeps its promises: with this tune the hips certainly won’t stay still! The song builds its vibe with a funky guitar riff, a groovy bass line and Roja’s virtuoso piano playing. The horn section and the vocals drive the tune to its climax: pure fire for the dance floor!
On the flipside there’s another jewel: Al Ritmo del Bump Bump – a Peruvian cover version of Soulful Strut by the US Soul-Jazz band Young-Holt Unlimited. Otto de Rojas and his Ultra 76’s adapt the original in their own groove-oriented way of playing: faster rhythm, amazing wah-wah guitars, layers of electric piano over a funky bass and brass. Another heater for the floors!


Matasuna Records deliver more latin action with this lively double-header 45 from Otto De Rojas Y Los Ultra 76. On the one side is classic uptempo latin jazz/ funk/ disco nugget Choca Las Caderas from 1976, adorned with the piano tinkles of legendary ivories-tickler De Rojas. On the flip the Peruvian combo try their hand at a cover of Soulful Strut by Stateside soul-jazz groovers Young-Holt Unlimited with the promisingly-titled Al Ritmo De Bump Bump featuring a similar tempo and dancefloor appeal, not to mention some nifty wah-wah. Both cuts have been re-mastered in the UK and the word on the street is that the sound quality betters even the original!