Some shouts:

“Another excellent release! Both tracks are great, but especially Humanidad will get a lot of plays on air and in my sets!“ Shantisan/One Note Samba (Vienna | AT)
„And when you think the summer is finished, Matasuna comes up with a new release! What a bomb!“ Tony Heynen/Global Riddims (Brussels |BE)
„Love both tracks. Totally dig Matatas electronic basis with an organic topping.“ Bandura/Resense Rec. (Basel | CH)
„Grande! Gracias por este nuevo single. Viva Matasuna!“ Makala/Global Funk (Donostia – San Sebastián | ES)
„Ace as always , it will be playing in my radio show!“ Drosos Koniaris/The Rebel Roots  (Theassloniki | GR)
„Great release…again! Humanidad is fav.“ Phil Horneman/Wickejazzsounds (Amsterdam | NL)
„Likin both tracks…will support and play.“ Pale Penguin/Shango Records (Thessaloniki | GR)
„Summer is not over yet 🙂. Nice one!“ Mister P/Mudd Club (Strasbourg | FR)