MSR040 Bidaide – Batua | Love Me & Give Up

Label: Matasuna Records – MSR040
Title: Batua | Love Me & Give Up
Artists: Bidaide
Format: Vinyl, 7“, 45rpm
Genre: Contemporary Funk & Soul
Releasedate: March 8th 2024
Reviews: tba
A Bidaide – Batua 04:42

B Bidaide – Love Me & Give Up 03:28

Matasuna Records, on a mission to unearth musical treasures of the past for the last 7 years, presents an exciting discovery of the present with the band Bidaide from Barcelona. This 7-inch vinyl single not only marks Bidaide’s vinyl debut, but also unveils their captivating versatility and musicality with two previously unreleased tracks, Batua and Love Me & Give Up.
Soul, funk, psychedelic rock, reggae-dub and library music merge seamlessly in Bidaide’s recordings, forming a unique sound. Two great tracks that are now available on vinyl!

Batua on the A-side is the energetic prelude to this 45. A dynamic, unfiltered rhythm section provides the foundation, while two guitars engage in an agile conversation underscored by sharp keys and fantastic brass overdubs. Recorded in the band’s studio on multiple tracks using analog methods and equipment, the song boasts an opulent, organic sound. Batua is a funky, psychedelic journey interspersed with soulful & harmonious interludes and stirring percussive breaks.

Flipping to the B-side, Love Me & Give Up offers a more soulful, relaxed contrast, showcasing the band’s versatility. A laid-back beat sets the stage, with keys and guitars weaving a soulful sound tapestry.The chorus, delivered with restrained conviction and backed by a warm organ, evoke a Motown-esque charm.

Founded in 2019, Bidaide began as a duo with Asier del Álamo and Juan Cruz Chiappara. With the arrival of Sergio Caño (keyboards), Manuel Diaz (drums), and Nacho Llauradó (Telecaster), the duo blossomed into a vibrant band. Through experimentation and maturation, they forged their own distinct sound, reflected in their 2021-2022 recordings titled BATUA (Basque for unity). These recordings embody the spiritual essence of a group that has found and solidified its own powerful sound, showcasing its talent for arrangements and harmonies.

Some members of Bidaide, who already knew Matasuna and their releases through their involvement in the Gatzara Soundsystem, sent Matasuna their demo of the recordings in mid-2003. Their fresh, impressive sound immediately found open ears. This connection paved the way for Bidaide’s exciting vinyl debut, marking a new chapter in their musical journey.