Matasuna Records“ has found another musical treat from the African continent for its latest release – a song by the Ghanaian musician „Mawuli Decker„. It was released in 1983 on the rare and sought-after album „Ayo Special“ and is available for the first time as a 7inch vinyl single, which is supplemented by an edit from „Renegades Of Jazz„. The esteemed London label „Kalita Records“ was able to provide the audio material for new masters and is also acting as music publisher with the new „Kalita Music Publishing„.



  1. Good to see this track getting to see the light of day outside Ghana and Togo. It has been a playlist favourite on my show and clubs for 10 years now. Renegades of Jazz have honourably kept to the original music and done a great job updatng the production. i hope the whole album will see the light of day soon

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