For its latest release, Matasuna Records goes back to Latin-influenced realms and presents two songs by US musician Fred Ramirez, which are available for the first time as official reissue on 7inch vinyl. These are instrumental cover versions of well-known soul and jazz hits, which take a completely new direction under Fred Ramirez‘ killer Latin … [Read more…]


Matasuna Records“ has found another musical treat from the African continent for its latest release – a song by the Ghanaian musician „Mawuli Decker„. It was released in 1983 on the rare and sought-after album „Ayo Special“ and is available for the first time as a 7inch vinyl single, which is supplemented by an edit … [Read more…]


About four years after the label was founded in summer 2016, Matasuna Records is about to drop its 25th release. To celebrate this anniversary, Matasuna has dug up another treat and is delighted to reissue two songs from the legendary LP 1973 by Belgian jazz-funk group Placebo of jazz legend Marc Moulin, who is rightly … [Read more…]


More than two years ago „Matasuna Records“ already reissued two songs of the gifted Peruvian piano master „Otto de Rojas“ on a 7inch single. „El tema de Coco“ is another great track on his 1976 album „Superéxitos Bailables„, on which he mixed Latin with Funk, Jazz and Disco. The song was reworked by „Retro Roland … [Read more…]


With the help of a Lisbon friend, Matasuna Records has managed to reissue two outstanding songs from the debut album of Angolan musician Chalo Correia on a hot & fiery 7inch. Although the album was originally released in 2015, only a handful of people outside Portugal were lucky enough to get their hands on one of the … [Read more…]


After the successful „Lupita“ 7inch in April 2020, Matasuna is delighted to reissue another Latin gem from „Nico Gomez And His Afro Percussion Inc.“. „Baila Chibiquiban“ is also a killer cut, which is now finally available again on 7″ single. The original version is complemented by a great edit by Frenchman „Tonton Boom“ (aka „Mr. … [Read more…]