Matasuna Records, on a mission to unearth musical treasures of the past for the last 7 years, presents an exciting discovery of the present with the band Bidaide from Barcelona. This 7-inch vinyl single not only marks Bidaide’s vinyl debut, but also unveils their captivating versatility and musicality with two previously unreleased tracks, Batua and … [Read more…]


Matasuna Records proudly presents the exclusive re-release of Moto Moto and Zebra Talk by Renegades Of Jazz for the first time on a 45. Both tracks were originally released in 2016 on David Hanke’s critically acclaimed Moyo Wangu album. After its release, Moyo Wangu quickly became a very sought-after album on vinyl for collectors and … [Read more…]


The latest release from Matasuna Records is the result of a transatlantic connection between the USA and Germany, whose common denominator is the love for Brazilian music. The journey started 17 years ago when the German musical duo Dubben got in touch with the late American musician Victor Meshkovsky. Almost two decades later, the Dubben … [Read more…]


Matasuna Records presents another release with music from Panama. The new 45 features the fabulous song El Raton by Los Invasores, which was released as a 7inch vinyl single on Onda Nueva Records in Panama. With this new release, the song is finally officially available again on a 7inch vinyl single. Besides the great original … [Read more…]


After last year’s musical excursions to Central & South America and South Africa, Berlin-based reissue label Matasuna Records is once again making a detour to the USA for its first release in 2023. Two funk milestones by United 8 and Tony Alvon & The Belairs have been selected from the archives of Atlantic Records. Apart … [Read more…]


Matasuna Records musical journey takes the listener this time to Panama – a country in Central America, which offers a rich and breath-taking variety of musical treasures. In a first reissue, two songs from the legendary Loyola Records label were selected, both released in 1969: one by Camilo Azuquita and one by the group Panama … [Read more…]


Matasuna Records returns to Mexico for a third time to dig for rare treasures. They got their hands on a special gem – two obscure Latin/Jazzfunk tunes by a band called Colorado from Mexico City. The songs were released in 1976 on the Mexican label Peerless and the super rare original 7inch is virtually unavailable. … [Read more…]


Matasuna Records journey goes to South Africa for the first time to reissue two superb Afro-/Jazzfunk songs by the band Freeway. Released in 1975 on the South African label Flame, the album Abahambi „Balomhlaba“ was rediscovered and rereleased by the good folks of Black Pearl Records from Berlin in 2013. The LP immediately landed on Matasuna … [Read more…]


Matasuna returns to Mexico again – this time to the musical epicenter Monterrey in the north of the country. The band La Tribu recorded there the song No Te Quiero Mas (I Don’t Want You  More), which was released on Polydor in 1971. The Latin soul joint is a gem among connoisseurs and it’s difficult … [Read more…]


Matasuna’s latest tidbit takes us back to the South American continent once again – to Venezuela to be exact. The song Zambo by the band La Retreta Mayor, which was released in 1976 on the LP of the same name, is now available as an official reissue and the very first time ever on a … [Read more…]