After last year’s musical excursions to Central & South America and South Africa, Berlin-based reissue label Matasuna Records is once again making a detour to the USA for its first release in 2023. Two funk milestones by United 8 and Tony Alvon & The Belairs have been selected from the archives of Atlantic Records. Apart from a release as part of a Funk45’s box set by Warner in 2004, the songs have only appeared on various bootlegs in the past.
Matasuna Records is thrilled to finally release them as an officially licensed reissue with new mastering as a 7-inch vinyl single. This release is an absolute must-have for all funk enthusiasts, DJs and collectors.


  1. Dejan Gavrilovic (DJ Funky Junkie)

    This a fantastic and must have release on 7″! Killer grooves much needed as a repress, this one will never leave my 7″ box.

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